At the market in Malinalco, Mexico III

200+ followers! Thank you so much and I’m very happy that others seem to enjoy my “Mexican snap shots”!

Mexico gave me so much, beside the sun and amazing food. It is a fascinating inspirational place and I am planning to make another series of drawings once I am done with Malinalco. I also have other projects planned, so keep following. And with friends we started working on a children´s book inspired by Iceland. Yes, I am back in Iceland and it is snowing….

Meanwhile one of the street sellers at the mercado in Malinalco where I went almost daily to get my dose of vegetables, fruits and tacos. I love the colours and liveliness of the place.

1840 Malinalco street seller



13 thoughts on “At the market in Malinalco, Mexico III

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it 🙂 And I can only recommend you to pay Mexico a visit. It is truly fascinating. But although I spent there now ca 5 months in total, counting in my first visit, I feel like I got only a tiny glimpse of it all.

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