Inktober 2018 – Poisonous

It´s been almost exactly a year since I started drawing again. I think I started on day 9 last year after a friend told me I should give Inktober a try. She found it a shame that I was not drawing any more and right she was.

I remember that during the first two weeks everything was a struggle. Finding an idea of what to draw was a struggle, despite the prompt list. Drawing was a struggle. Ink was everywhere and using it was a struggle.

Today was quite the opposite.  The only struggle I had, was to make time for it. I even bought new ink. I still managed to get ink on my hands and table but I had fun.

181001 Poisonous 2 _ Melanie Franz

181001 Poisonous _ Melanie Franz


124 thoughts on “Inktober 2018 – Poisonous

  1. marandarussell

    I’ve seen several mushroom takes on the “poisonous” prompt, but this may be my favorite! Great drawing! I’m now following your blog! Would love a follow back if you wish!

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  4. Alexandra Lanc

    Nicely done! I am trying to get back into art, too, but it is hard to make time for, even though I love it. I’m hoping I can get into the habit of drawing regularly again, just like you have. So far I’ve done a few things for InkTober, so it’s a start.

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks! And you should. I used to think the same way, that I don´t have time. Then I realized how much time I would spent just being online without really doing anything. So instead of doing that I started to sit down 30 min a day to draw. Starting it was hard though.

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      1. Haha! I’m a video editor and this is the exact same way I felt after graduating film school and being in debt for no reason! I didn’t learn not one thing about physical film or touched any… Regardless, I feel you on this one! Great stuff! Keep it up! 👍

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  7. trish veltman

    I keep promising myself I will get back to art again, but seeing this beautiful drawing of yours has really inspired me to get the inks out right now! Clever piece of work, deftly drawn. I loved it.

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  8. This is really cool! && well done for getting back into drawing. After three years of studying Art I haven’t picked up a paint brush or pencil in many years, it is a talent that you never lose but will be rusty at the start

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  9. Some great drawing I’m an artist myself, I wish I had the time, I have like new things that I’m doing as far as art I basically could do a lot of things in art art, just trying to get my company off the ground, and my people off their ass, I just followed you are you going to continue to update all this?

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