Commission Your Very Own Unique Artwork

Are you in need of a special present? You want to fill up that white boring wall space? Or you would like a beautiful animal portrait? Maybe you have even written a book and are in need of an illustrator?

Most importantly, you love my artistic style? Then you are in the right place.

How it works

Commission an Artwork

Commissioned paintings are an opportunity to collaborate, support an artist, and purchase artwork that is completely unique to you. Every artist will handle things a little bit differently, but as long as you pick someone whose work you love, you should end up with a priceless work of art.

201226-capybara-monkey-ride_Melanie Franz

When you get in touch

In the email, include details of ALL requirements as this will impact the price of the painting. If the drawing is supposed to be based on a photo or your pet, please include high quality images that I can use for reference. If there is a particular drawing composition or style that you like, please mention that too. It’s important to communicate as much as possible up front, so that once the work begins, the artist is free to do their thing!

The better the images that you are able to provide the better the final drawing will be. Please note that due to artistic freedom, the final drawing/painting may not include all the details on your photograph so if you require a specific element to be included, please mention it during our initial consultation email to avoid disappointment! Please remember, a drawing or painting is an impression of a scene/animal/person rather than a direct copy.


Once we have agreed on pricing and the composition for your drawing or painting it comes to payment.

Work should only begin after an initial deposit is made. I personally like to handle commissions in two installments: a 50% deposit is required to begin the piece, and the final 50% is due when the finished artwork is send. This guarantees that we are both equally invested in the piece.

201024 Inktober_dig_sandcastle_Melanie Franz
201218 Capybara Lemon_ Melanie Franz
one week 100 people _Melanie Franz

Price Guide

A5 Drawing

Mr Fox or Capybara Illustration
You or someone you know are a fan of Mr Fox or the “grumpy” capybara and you would like to treat yourself or them with an original ink illustration? Give me a prompt or occasion and we can make things happen.
From $40.00

A4 Animal Portait

Custom Animal Portrait
A personal animal portrait. You want your favorite pet in ink and/or watercolour for your wall? I will draw it according to your photos.
From $ 150.00

Custom Commission

Painting, Drawing, Book or Other Illustrations
You name it. You have an illustration project or a special request? Don’t be shy and get in touch!
From $150.00

Request a Commission

Send email to or use the form below.

Thank you

Looking forward hearing from you! Meanwhile I’ll be hanging out here.