Children’s Book

Nobbi and Kobbi Best Friends

Two best friends find out how long a working week can be! A week at work can often feel very long and sometimes, not everyone is happy with it. In the end though, it pays to be patient.… and Kobbi, the little pug, is very patient.

The story of two best friends that learn a lesson about being patient.

With my friend Norbert, an Icelander who has plenty of stories to tell, we have been working on our first children´s book. It took some time but it is finally finished! And we are exited to have the print version in our hands.

The story was originally inspired by the pug of Norbert´s family. A silly round little pug named Klara. Beside the inspiration there is no resemblance between Klara and Kobbi, the pug of our story.

Meet the main characters:

Nobbi waiting_Melanie Franz

Kobbi pug running _ Melanie Franz

Nobbi & Kobbi_ Pug _ Melanie Franz
They are best friends.

A book that will delight both parent and child alike, as it reminds us all, that the longer you must wait for something, the sweeter the appreciation when it finally arrives. The trick is to enjoy each moment to the fullest.

German version will be available soon! Meanwhile get the English one below.

See how the story ends and get the book.

Thank you to Klara, the real life pug, for being the inspiration for this story.

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