On the streets of Tulum, Mexico V

Based on a really bad snapshot I took during my bike tour through the town of Tulum.

Observation: Cables, cables everywhere!

1803 Tulum shop

And the before in my sketch book. The other one is still unfinished…

I did like their slogan… Mas por menos.

1803 Tulum shop 3

On the streets of Tulum, Mexico IV

Another truck. I enjoyed watching them while they were throwing boxes and bottles up and down.

Observation: There is so much green around here.

1803 Tulum by Mel

On the streets of Tulum, Mexico III

These big delivery trucks where pretty much everywhere.

1803 Tulum street truck

The first draft looked like this. I really start to have fun with the water paintbrush that I bought. I think it gives you a completely different watercolour experience than with a normal paintbrush. Also it is less messy.

1803 draft Tulum red truck