Nobbi & Kobbi

Children’s Book

Age 2 – 99

Available in German, English and Icelandic

Written originally in Icelandic by Norbert Sischka, this is the story of two best friends who find out how long a working week can be! A week at work can often feel very long and sometimes, not everyone is happy with it. In the end though, it pays to be patient … and Kobbi is very patient.

A book that will delight both parent and child alike, as it reminds us all, that the longer you must wait for something, the sweeter the appreciation when it finally arrives. The trick is to enjoy each moment to the fullest.

The book comes in large print which is suitable for beginning readers.


Colouring Book

Age 6 – 99

Available in English

A colouring book for young and old with 18 unique ink capybara drawings.

Colour them in, set the background and scene, give them funny mustaches. Anything you want.The drawings are one sided full page images in order to avoid bleed through of other images. Take out the page after you are done and frame the image.

The books starts with a short introduction about these adorable rodents and throughout the book you will learn more fun facts about them.

The Adventures of the Little Fly

Children’s book

Age 6-99

Available in Icelandic

The book is written in Icelandic by Rúna Vala Þorgrímsdóttir.

The story tells the adventures of a little fly that lives in a tree. One morning she notices that the garden her tress stands in looks weird. She goes out to ask her neighbours what is going on. While exploring the changes of the garden and its different seasons, the little fly goes on an unexpected adventure.


My almost three year old son loves this book, he struggles with his dad going to work so I think it strikes a cord with him. Illustrations are absolutely wonderful! Great story about patience and to help him learn the days of the week! He loves it.

David on Nobbi & Kobbi – Best Friends