Here is a selection of my more recent works of children’s book illustrations, commissions and personal projects.

Selection of Projects

Little Fly_Melanie Franz

Adventures of the Little Fly

Illustrations for an Icelandic children’s book story of the same name – Ævintirý litlu flugunnar.

180731 City life Melanie Franz

Aerial Acrobatics

Collection of my aerial acrobatic themed watercolour illustrations that started with World Watercolour Month in July 2018. This is an still ongoing series, because I love aerial acrobatics.

3-honey-badger-moves-Melanie Franz

Be like Honey Badger

Be a Honey Badger. Personal project for Society 6.

210106 Capybara Pool party wiht lemons_Melanie Franz


Do you know Capybaras? This series of capybaras, the biggest rodents in the world, came to life during winter 2020.

Little Fly_Melanie Franz

Children´s Book Illustrations

Illustrations for children’s books

Inktober 2017

First time I did the Inktober challenge. Absolutely enjoyed it. I mainly used ink and inkpens.

181001 Poisonous 2 _ Melanie Franz

Inktober 2018

I took on the Inktober 2018 challenge. The result was a mix of surreal landscapes and scenes with people and animals.

1808 Malinalco Poet and Donkey_Melanie Franz

Mexico 2018

My illustrations of my two months in Mexico in spring 2018.

191010 Inktober_Pattern_Melanie Franz

Mr. Fox

The adventures of Mr Fox in ink on paper.

Pug Pool _Melanie Franz

Nobbi & Kobbi – Best Friends

A children’s book story about two best friends that like to do everything together.
Published January 2021.



Some of my favourite paintings. All acrylic on canvas. Proud to say, that several of these painting have found new homes in Ireland, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland and China!

Fox and Mouse Umbrella Forest_Melanie Franz

Watercolour Illustrations

Watercolour illustrations of different book and personal projects

190716 Relaxing_WorldWatercolorMonth_Melanie Franz

World Watercolour Month 2019

Images inspired by the official prompt list of World Watercolour Month in combination with the overarching theme of travel.

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