Little Fly_Melanie Franz

Adventures of the Little Fly

Illustrations for an Icelandic children’s book story of the same name – Ævintirý litlu flugunnar.

180731 City life Melanie Franz

Aerial Acrobatics

Collection of my aerial acrobatic themed watercolour illustrations that started with World Watercolour Month in July 2018.

3-honey-badger-moves-Melanie Franz

Be like Honey Badger

Be a Honey Badger. Personal project for Society 6.

201025-inktober_buddy_Melanie Franz


A series of capybara ink drawings that turned into a colouring book.

211003-inktober-vessel-Melanie Franz

Children´s Book Illustrations

Illustrations for children’s books

181001 Poisonous 2 _ Melanie Franz

Inktober 2018

I took on the Inktober 2018 challenge. The result was a mix of surreal landscapes and scenes with people and animals.

1808 Malinalco Poet and Donkey_Melanie Franz

Mexico 2018

My illustrations of my two months in Mexico in spring 2018.

191010 Inktober_Pattern_Melanie Franz

Mr. Fox

The adventures of Mr Fox in ink on paper.

Pug Pool _Melanie Franz

Nobbi & Kobbi – Best Friends

A children’s book story about two best friends that like to do everything together.
Published January 2021.



Selection of my old paintings. Acrylic on canvas.

210430-kick Melanie Franz

Personal Projects

Drawings in ink and watercolour.

Fox and Mouse Umbrella Forest_Melanie Franz

Watercolour Illustrations

Watercolour illustrations of different book and personal projects

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