Artist. Children’s Book Illustrator. Visual Storyteller.

Hello! I’m Mel … I’m an artist, lifelong learner, and traveller if I have the time and money.  I have been passionate about art and drawing for as long as I can remember.

Originally from southern Germany, I spent a decade living and studying in Ireland, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Greece and travelled to many other places. Most of my works have been inspired by those travels and by my friends. Since 2011 I reside in Iceland where I paint, work, hang upside down in the air and explore the country.

In the age of all digital, I do love traditional art and creating things by hand. My weapons of choice are ink, watercolour and coloured pencils. More recently I started to experiment with gouache and and paper collage.

My drawings have become an exploration of people, places and things that caught my attention along the way.

Are you looking for an illustrator for your latest children’s book project?

Or are you interested in any of the works displayed on this blog or have any other questions?

Send me an email to

mel [@] melaniefranzart.com

or use the contact form.

See you soon!

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8 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you so much!. I absolutely am fascinated by it. I went to see an exibition by Leonora Carrington and they had this quote on the wall which I think quite fits. “México parecía un lugar muy exótico. Todo era nuevo: desde de espíritu de la gente o la variedad de las comidas, las plantas y animales hasta el paisaje y el contacto con los muertos.”

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      1. Carrington is one of my heros, her life, art and philosophy are epic, romantic and surreal. The quote echoes my own first impressions of Mexico: exotically filled with the sensual unexpected…

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