Inktober Day 26 – Connect

Remember this game? A classic.

It´s been years since I played it. The hamster is chewing on his chip out of frustration as he has been loosing repeatedly.

Inktober Day 14 – Tick

Getting up and doing things can sometimes be so hard. Especially if time is ticking.

Perfect picture for a Monday I would say.

Inktober Day 13 – Roof

Clearly inspired by The Peanuts. I thought Mr Fox and Mr Mouse might like this as a napping spot.

I am still fully on track with my Inktober schedule this time. Only late in uploading the images. How is your Inktober going?

This image clearly reflects today´s lazy Sunday mood.

311013-inktober-roof_Melanie Franz

Inktober Day 11 – Sour

Didn’t have much time for drawing. So this is what I came up with…

Raccoon in a pile of lemons. Will he bite or wont he?

Inktober Day 9 – Pressure II

I did a second drawing as I was in the mood…

Tea time didn’t quite go as planed. Hope dinner will be better…

311009 Inktober Pressure Guiney pig_Melanie Franz