Jungle Plates

Design practice for a set of jungle themed plates. I used the same drawings as for the dominoes and edited them digitally.

Space Friends

I took an illustrator course in February which pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do my first digital drawing. I also learned how to do design sheets and pattern designs. I also became a lot better with my time management and to-do lists… somewhat 🙂

If anyone is looking for a great course, I can highly recommend this one at WeIllustrate.co.uk.

Happy Monday!

Illustration practice IV

Another slight changed master copy. My favourite so far. It will get a spot on the wall for sure. You might be familiar with the boat crew. Original illustration by Janosch.

Ink and watercolour.

Have a great weekend!

My version

22 Janosh Fox fishing _Melanie Franz

The original by Janosch.

Illustration practice III

Another attempt at a master copy with my own spin. As a child I absolutely loved the stories and illustrations by Janosch. Maybe you have come across the Tigerente (lit. tiger duck)at some point? Absolutely love his whimsical style and his bear and tiger character. However, instead of copying his character I sneaked in Mr Fox’s cousin.

22 Janosh _Fox boat_Melanie Franz

Meet the Artist

Adding a new piece to my portfolio. Almost happy how it turned out. This is the third version. Ink, watercolour and coloured pencils on mixed media paper.

2304 Meet the Artist_Melanie Franz

One Week 100 People

It took me much longer than a week, due to the flu, but I eventually finished them all. I also was colouring some of them in and still want to colour in the rest. I really struggled in the end to get to 100 but I can also see a definite improvement from the first page. I haven’t been drawing people for a while, so this was a great exercise.

Next I think I will do 100 animals 🙂

Making Bubbles

Something easy and fun on this Monday morning. Started to experiment with collage and gouache. It´s a quite calming activity I have to say.

I still haven´t finished my 100 people as I have been working on different projects. Maybe this week.

One Week 100 People IV

I got knocked out by the flu last week… fun times… But I managed to make it to 71 people so far. I will keep on going all the way to 100 until the end of this week. It also takes me longer as I want to colour them all in.

One Week 100 People III

Here come number 10 to 14. Combination of watercolour, coloured pencils and for number 12-14 I used olive green ink for the outline that I bought some time ago but never used.

In the Water

As previously written, I love water. I started cold-water dipping a couple of years ago and absolutely love doing, especially in nature. But also every swimming pool in Iceland will have a cold water pot next to the hot tubs. That makes it even more enjoyable jumping from hot to cold and back.

Here is another watercolour practice from a year ago. Watercolour on hot press paper.

2111 swimming fish_watercolour_Melanie Franz


Another watercolour practice on cold press paper. I do love swimming and being underwater is amazing. Unfortunately I never met a rock n roll starfish before.

Hello, who are you? II

Part II of this little story. An illustration from last year. I haven´t done part III yet…. will do so today. The weather is the same here as in the picture.

Part I you find here.

2203 great dane and duck_watercolour_Melanie Franz

The Sleeping Giant

Watercolour and pencil illustration inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro´s book The Buried Giant and Iceland of course.

The weather today really invites to keep on sleeping. Enjoy your weekend!

2111 sleeping giant_watercolour_Melanie Franz