Inktober – Day 24 – Fairy

Still playing catch up with the inktober drawings. Was a bit stuck with the story and still not quite sure where it will go. Any inspiration is welcome. Have a great week everyone!

Welcome to day 24 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

They start walking down the street. Everything is dark and they are not quite sure what direction to take.

Suddenly Sasha spots a tiny light at the end of an alley. Curious, they walk towards it.

“Who are you?” Grog asks.

“I am a fairy” the winged creature says.

“You don´t look like a fairy” Grog says.

“Oh well, nobody is perfect,” the fairy replies. “And who are you, if I may ask?”

Grog and Sasha introduce themselves.

“A bat with glasses and a one winged gargoyle! Seems like you are not perfect either” the fairy responds and smiles broadly.

Inktober – Day 2 – Scurry

Last year during Inktober I put the focus on character design and had fun creating little children´s illustration. This year (after a way to long break from drawing and feeling out of practice) I decided to put the focus on storytelling.

Follow me for whatever story this year´s Inktober prompt list will lead to. Every day´s prompt will be a new page of the story.

Day 1 – meet Grog, the gargoyle. Now you might have notice something different about him.

Day 2 – still a work in progress. Will finish it tonight.

One morning Grog woke up, discovering that one of his wings was missing.

Grog jumped off his usual outdoor wall spot. Maybe someone had put his wing in the attic? He scurried around, looking here and there. But his wing was nowhere to be found. 

Work in progress

Getting more worried, he spots a big closet at the other end of the attic. Maybe his wing is in there? Slightly out of breath, he opens the door.

He jumps! That was not what he expected to find!

… to be continued on day 3.

World Watercolor Month – Day 1 – Train

Happy weekend everyone! I am definitely late to the party. June came and left and I barely noticed that July had started. As I have been in a creative/ non drawing hole lately I thought I take up the challenge and jump in on World Watercolour Month. It might be a good way to develop a illustration routine again beside work.

I´ll follow the prompt list and focus on lose spontaneous watercolour illustrations to get back into a creative spirit. The goal is to try something new and maybe I will discover a new style along the way.

Who else is participating?

Take your Pet to School Day X

Experimenting with putting character sheets together…

What kind of pet did you have as a kid?

I still think that dogs make the best pets.

Take your Pet to School Day VIII

While we currently have the snowstorm apocalypse raging outside, here is another curious pet.

I remembered that when I was young, I really wanted to have a chinchilla as a pet. I don´t know much about these rodents , but they are certainly cute.

Take your Pet to School Day VI

The things that can happen when you bring your dog to school (or to the office…)

Did you ever take your pet to school?

Art vs Artist

I made a last one of these Art vs Artists collages. Also more for me as I enjoyed taking a look at my work from last year.

Below are my first proper attempts of watercolour illustrations. I still feel like I have a long way to go. But practice makes you maybe not perfect, but better bit by bit.

Happy weekend!

Art vs Artist 2021_Melanie Franz

Pool Party

I wish I was somewhere with warmer climate right now. I think this is by far my favourite scene from the Capybara and Friends Colouring Book. What do you think?

It’s also the illustration I did last for it.

Capybara pool party _ Melanie Franz

Adventurous Seas

Just like life, a lot is going on below and above sea level.

This is another seen from my latest Capybaras and Friends Colouring Book.

Happy Monday!

Own Your Style

Another capybara image. I do like to dress up every once in a while. Have fun with your clothes and own your style.

This catwalk crew is part of my latest Capybaras & Friends Colouring Book.

Cat walk capybara - Melanie Franz

Have a Good Trip!

Part 3 of this spontaneous watercolour illustration story. Here are part 1 and 2.

Not sure where this ostrich is going, but lets say he was depressed because he really wanted to fly and realized that he couldn’t. So when the girl came along and saw him she had an idea, helping him and his wish to fly….

Ostrich fly bunny girl_Melanie Franz

Hello, What Are You Doing There?

Rabbit girl and ostrich. I wanted to try out my new watercolour paper and, inspired after being on pinterest for what feels like forever, I came up with this …

2111 Ostrich Children's illustration Melanie Franz