Still looking for an original gift for you or someone else?

Find a selection of my illustrations in my online shops at Society 6 and Red Bubble.

You can either go directly to the shops for a full selection of products or find a small selection of illustrations and product ideas below. Take a look. Maybe you find something you like.

Society 6 Fox tote bag_Melanie Franz

Fox in Wonderland

Mr Fox in Wonderland. A favourite. This handy tote bag will accompany you wherever you want to go.

Society 6 - Fox fashion - Melanie Franz

Fox Fashion

Mr Fox goes Paris Fashion Week. Always loosing your eye liner and lip stick? Get a handy carry-all pouch to keep them in place.

society 6 phone cover Melanie Franz

Foxy Hoop

Feeling bored looking at your phone? A new phone skin can pep it up and make you smile.

Society 6 pelican Melanie Franz

Flight of the Pelican II

What´s the time? It is pelican o´clock!

society 6 card Melanie Franz

Flight of the Pelican III

Looking for a neutral but pretty greeting card? Say hello to a colleague or friend with this flying pelican card.

society 6 sticker Pelican Melanie Franz

Pelican Catch

A tiny pelican for wherever you need to pep up something. This sticker will make you smile every time you see it.

society 6 bag Melanie Franz

Flight of the Pelican

You wish you could take your favourite pelican with you all the time? Now you can, with this beautiful tote bag.

society 6 pelican flying Melanie Franz

Flight of the Pelican II

Want a pelican to take with you? Perfect carry-all pouch for all your small items.

society 6 pelican sticker Melanie Franz

Flight of the Pelican

Why not have a whole flock of pelicans decorating your laptop or favourite item? Add this sticker to your flock!

society 6 beach towel Pole Fitness Melanie Franz

On the Beach

Pole Fitness inspired illustration. Also pole lovers need a break every once in a while. Take your favourite hobby on vacation with this beach towel.

society 6 shower curtain Aerial Hoop Melanie Franz

Hanging in the Clouds

Aerial Hoop inspired illustration. A hot shower makes you feel like hanging in the clouds? Protect your bathroom with this shower curtain.

Society6 Water bottle Aerial Hoop Melanie Franz

Hanging in the Rain

Aerialist inspired illustration . With this water bottle you wont go thirsty.

Do you have another favourite illustration of mine that you would love to have on a tote bag, mug or pillow, but it is not here yet?

Let me know which one, and we can make it happen.
Leave a comment below or…

redbubble ice cream Melanie Franz

Do you want ice cream?

Who doesn´t want ice cream? Keep a note book of your favourite flavours with you at all times.

redbubble apron ice cream Melanie Franz

Shovelling Ice Cream

Ice cream inspired apron on my Red Bubble Shop. Now cooking can get messy.

I Love Ice Cream

Add a colourful highlight to your couch or bed with this funky throw pillow cover.

redbubble laptop skin hammock Melanie Franz

Dog Day Afternoon

Laptop skin. Let this view of hammock life by the sea help you to day dream.

red bubble sticker ice cream Melanie Franz

Do you want ice cream?

Ice cream lover? Leave your message on your favourite item with this little sticker.

Dog Day Afternoon

Send a friend a relaxed greeting with this colourful postcard. Or ask them to join you in your hammock.

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