It´s ice cream o´clock!

I realized that since I picked ice cream as a topic, I don´t fall short of finding ideas of what I want to draw. At the same time I try to improve my people and water colouring skills… the later seems to be a somewhat slower process in my opinion.

1802 Ice cream time

In the past I often failed to draw or struggled to find anything inspiring. The process would be something like this:

8 pm I feel like drawing!

8.30 pm Finally assembled the drawing material

8.45 pm Starring at the blank paper…

9 pm Starting a google image search to find inspiration or good reference photo

10 pm Stuck on some artist blog or photo gallery

10.30 Pee break and I need a snack before I can get started

11 pm Finally found what I want to draw

11.15 pm Damn, its that late! But I just started! Need to go to sleep. Will continue some other time…

Definitely doing a lot better these days than back then!


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