On the streets of Tulum, Mexico III

These big delivery trucks where pretty much everywhere.

1803 Tulum street truck

The first draft looked like this. I really start to have fun with the water paintbrush that I bought. I think it gives you a completely different watercolour experience than with a normal paintbrush. Also it is less messy.

1803 draft Tulum red truck

5 thoughts on “On the streets of Tulum, Mexico III

  1. Yes, I saw several dogs around here. But mostly they looked like they belong to someone, or they looked very healthy for stray dogs, which is nice 🙂


    1. Yes, they used to be my favourite drawing tool pretty much until last year, before I started with ink and then bought my first watercolour set.
      These are all done with watercolour pencils https://melfranz.wordpress.com/artworks-2016/
      I really love drawing with them. It´s a lot of fun. You should try them! But somehow I got fixed on these watercolours because I wanted to learn how to use them. As I am travelling right now I have only a small watercolour set with me, but I will try to take up the pencils again once I am back home. 🙂

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