5 thoughts on “On the streets of Malinalco, Mexico V

    1. I do! What gave it away? 😀 I really miss having a dog I realized. Also in Reykjavik you don´t see a lot of dogs. Icelanders in town are not really dog friendly. In fact, dogs were banned in the center until 2013…

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        1. And you can be sure I will include also more of them in the future 😉 also because they are pretty much everywhere, at least here in Malinalco and CDMX. Regarding Reykjavik, dogs were actually banned in town completely until 1984! I only learned that recently too. My guess is that they where considered farm animals and were not supposed to be in the city. And even today many Icelanders I know, dont like dogs because they consider them sheep dogs. I found this article in English http://icelandmag.is/article/april-3-marks-33rd-anniversary-reykjavik-lifting-its-ban-dogs-city
          Iceland is a weird place 😛 They also had a beer ban for 60 years….

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