On the streets of Malinalco and CDMX

My time in Malinalco sadly has come to an end and I am back in La ciudad de México (CDMX). I still have several unfinished drawings that I am working on, so you will still get  to see some more of my impressions of that little Pueblo Mágico. 

I feel so much better this time around in CDMX than 3 weeks ago, as I am now able to converse somewhat in Spanish after studying every day, and I am also better used to the altitude and air pollution. So I spend my days walking around enjoying the sun, eating a lot of street food, and I have been visiting one art museum per day.

I have already planned a whole series of drawings inspired by the capital, but those have to wait until I am back in Iceland next week . Unfortunately I’ll be leaving Mexico earlier than planned as a job opportunity came up, so it will be back to grown up life for now. But I will most certainly be back in this fascinating and inspiring country.  Until then I am looking forward to my 4 day stopover in NYC next week. Never been, don´t know what to expect.

Meanwhile on the streets of Malinalco during one of my late afternoon walks.

1804 Malinalco street by Melanie Franz




8 thoughts on “On the streets of Malinalco and CDMX

  1. The time does fly, doesn’t it? I’ve enjoyed your watercolors of Mexico. Have fun in NYC – spring is a good time to visit. All the flowering trees in Central Park will be blooming! I also think Ellis Island is worth the trip. Many people from diverse backgrounds came through there and the museum presents a good spotlight on their travails.

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    1. Yes, I feel like I got here yesterday. So it feels kinda weird to leave. Great to hear you enjoyed the drawings. It gave me a total different perspective of looking at things and I think I improved slightly. So some mission accomplished! 😊 Thank you for the NYC tip. I didn’t think of the island. Will put it on my itinerary. I’m quite excited now as it was a spontaneous decision to stop over there.

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    1. I was super positive suprised by it. I somehow expected I would not like it because big city, but now I really would like to go back there. I especially liked the Met and the MoMA. They were quite incredible.

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