Ice cream in Malinalco, Mexico

So my time in Mexico is unfortunately over and I am back in Iceland after an amazing 4 day stop over in New York city!

But, I am not done with Mexico yet! There are still so many impressions I want to bring to paper. The sketch book I had with me is still only half full, so I will continue to fill it up with my “snapshots”.

Here is my “self-portait” with ice cream on my last day in Malinalco. The ice cream was delicious. Orange-chocolate and cookie flavour.

1804 30 Malinalco Ice cream_Melanie Franz

5 thoughts on “Ice cream in Malinalco, Mexico

    1. It was brilliant and not what I expected. I expected a big city that I dont like but was absolutely fascinated by it. I did not do half the things I wanted to do (I am extremly slow traveller) but managed to go to the Met and MoMA which I thought were incredible. And I cycled all over Central park, Manhattan and all the way down to Booklyn and survived the NY traffic. 🙂 Spring was lovely with everything in bloom and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I certainly want to go back as you need way more than 4 days to explore it. And I also want to do a series of drawings about it! Got plenty of inspiration. Once I am finished with Mexico that is 🙂

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