At the market in Malinalco, Mexico V

Another one from the mercado. I miss my daily dose of avocados.

The big light brown fruits on the table are mameys. I tried them several times and never was sure if I actually like them or not. They are a bit too sweet for my taste.

This one did not quite turn out as I wanted it to. I think I was too tired and forgot all about leaving white spaces. And then it was too late to change it.

1804 Malinalco mercado_Melanie Franz

In addition, the view from my balcony. Yes, you can see plenty of fresh snow up in the mountains…

Malinalco mercado



14 thoughts on “At the market in Malinalco, Mexico V

    1. Ah I did not try that. It actually sounds good! I fell in love with orange & dark chocolate that they had at one of the places in Malinalco. It was amazingness in a cone 😀


  1. I like it. had forgotten about the white space rule… As all rules, they can be ignored, especially in the “South” or in Mexico, where everything is cluttered. And full of colours. Part of the essence.
    (Snow…? Brrrr!)

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    1. I do 🙂 Usually not in those mountains but close to them. There are plenty of really beautiful hiking areas just 10 min drive outside of the city. The snowy mountains are also where the skiing area is. As soon as it will stop raining I will be out hiking again. It has been raining the better part of the week now….

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