Glorious Golds aka another Pelican!

Another prompt for #WorldWatercolorMonth was Glorious Golds.

I absolutely love how the pelican turned out! I think you can expect more of them in future. The girl was planing to catch the Golden Snitch while hanging in the hoop. Then she got distracted by the pelican, and fed him fish instead.

And why is there a hoop hanging over the water you might ask? Well, if you fall, you fall soft.

180804 Glorious Golds _Melanie Franz

12 thoughts on “Glorious Golds aka another Pelican!

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    1. Thank you! But you really want to know? … I was looking at reference photos of pelicans for the other illustration when I saw this one of a pelican with open mouth that I really liked. At first I actually wanted it to look like the pelican will swallow the girl, but once I started drawing I realized that I dont have enough space … So I made him eat fish instead XD
      And the snitch… Something golden was missing and I do love Harry Potter 🙂 That´s the secret.

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