15 thoughts on “Inktober Day 12 – Whale

    1. Hell yeah! I think it was largely inspired by my boyfriend. Everytime he goes fishing I get to hear the stories of how he struggled with the biggest fish. But he somehow never birngs them home….? 😀

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  1. I’ve only seen two of your artworks so far, but you’re very talented, I liked the caption and art style to this, very nice, the caption made me laugh ^_^ imagine if you were fishing and you actually caught a whale instead of a fish, that be both shocking and hilarious

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    1. lol. Indeed. Although this is the story I get to hear almost everytime my boyfriend went fishing. “I caught a fish the size of a whale, it was an epic struggle, unfortunately he got off the hook..” 😀

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      1. lol, I’m sure that story has become one of your favorites to hear by now right!? XD that’s really funny, so he’s never actually brought back a fish when fishing then huh!? P.S. just wanted to say that if you saw two comments from me that’s because I wasn’t sure if the other one sent, so i’m sorry if you got a duplicate, I hope you have a lovely day ^_^

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          1. Ahhh okay, well at least you know that he’s able to catch a fish once a while, so that’s good and lol well I hope that when he’s telling you the stories again, he surprises you and tells you that he caught one, so you can have a nice fish dinner that day ^_^


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