Inktober Day 20 – Breakable

Forgot to post this one.  Inktober prompt for day 20 – Breakable.

We were at a friend’s place the other day and they talked at length about how their cat does things that annoy them, but then again, he is “oh so cute” that you cannot be angry with him.

So this drawing is titled “Cats are assholes”.

I am a dog person. What about you?

181020 Breakable _Melanie Franz _ Inktober

22 thoughts on “Inktober Day 20 – Breakable

    1. As a dog person who shares space (not owns) with 2 half Maine Coon cats that moved in with me, I agree, they are as close to dogs as I have found with a cat. One of them, for attention, will push things off of surfaces just as in the above drawing. It has such a familiar feel it made me smile.

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