My Sunny Island

Winter hasn´t fully started yet, and I am already in dire need of some sun!

I took out my other sketch book last night, which I haven´t used for the last months, and this  is what I discovered! Bam, it made me happy. I miss summer!

Check out the rest of my aerial themed watercolour drawings right here. 

1808 Island life_Melanie Franz

6 thoughts on “My Sunny Island

  1. brockbuildersteel

    Hay Mel, every time I visit this blog page I find that I can only stay for a brief moment as her inversion gives me a slight, yet fun case of vertigo. You know like a lovely dopey feeling between my ears. I stopped by to ask, ‘if she slappers the palms of her bare feet while she is inverted there, will then the Pelicans take to flight and continue their migration to hard rock cafe Miami? Or will they stay there in Acapulco?

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    1. lol. 🙂 That was not meant ot be the case, to give you vertigo! Ah good question. Maybe they will just go on surfing the waves of the Pacific… 🙂


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