My Inner Sloth

I went to yoga/ flex class the other day and it was super exhausting. The whole time I felt like I am struggling against my inner sloth. I am pretty sure that that´s what it was.

What inner animal are you struggling with?

181202 My Inner Sloth_Melanie Franz

7 thoughts on “My Inner Sloth

  1. your sloth looks happy, no struggling there…think I’ll hang out with him / her 🙂
    PS. can’t make anyone’s ‘Like’ button work – doesn’t mean I don’t like…


  2. My new blog is called Aergia’s Daughter. Aergia was the Greek goddess of sloth. So I thought I’d do a search for “sloth”. So pleased to have found this post. I, too, have an inner sloth, sometimes disguised as depression.

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    1. : ) and yes. I think most people have one and they can express themselves differently. Mine is currently a lack of utter motivation. However it is also imortant to fight the inner sloth and not to let it overpower you.

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