Hanging on

I have been suffering from shoulder pain the last 2 weeks and consequently have been in a bad mood. I am no good at being injured and staying still… especially not now during the long dark winter days.

So instead of exercising I will try to limit it to drawing myself on the hoop and drinking red wine.

181202 Hanging on_Melanie Franz

18 thoughts on “Hanging on

    1. Thanks! Slowy getting better. I am just annoyed because I feel like its always a different part of my body that seems broken. Also went through all the knee trouble in the past.. no fun either. So you get well too 😉
      Happy holidays and happy new year!

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    1. Oh damn. Never had shoulder pain and it is certainly annoying and very unpleasant. I got almost rid of it again with daily excercise so far. Fingers crossed. Have happy holidays nevertheless!

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Shoulder is much better. Still not 100 percent but I am on the hoop. More careful at it though. Physio and patience helped. But I am really bad with the keeping is slwo thing. Usually once I am out of pain I go in too fast and thats how I hurt myself again. Trying to learn my lesson this time. You know all about that though of what I just read on your blog. Took me 10 months to be able to run again 5k after a torn ACL and surgery. Going from not being able to run more than 1 min at a time to 30 min was exhilerating. I wish you all the best in your recovery!

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      1. Glad to hear your shoulder is better. 👍
        Patience is key in any recovery.

        Wow, you ran a 5 k after 10 months? That’s awesome. I can not even walk 5 k’s yet and I am 14 months PO, but hip fracture is different than ACL tear. (Have done that too, not fun)

        I totally get it. Good job and keep up the good work!

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