Keeping Your Cool Like a Snowman

Or something like it. I was not planning on a winter scene when I started inking this, otherwise I would have put some woolen socks and sweater on her…

Oh well. We are off to the countryside over the New Year´s with no internet. Only  a bunch of books and plenty of wine and cheese! Really looking forward to it.

Thank you to everyone who supported me with their encouragement,  positive comments and likes throughout the year. It was a pleasure to get back into drawing and also see and feel improvements.  I will definitely keep on going. Let´s see what the New Year brings. This one was certainly one with many ups and downs. But as “they” say, if you hit rock bottom it can only go up again.

Happy New Year!

181220 Snow man_Melanie Franz

5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cool Like a Snowman

  1. Enjoy your time off, Mel! Your year’s end retreat sounds amazing!
    I have been really been enjoying your art since discovering your blog earlier this year and am looking forward to seeing where you take it next year! 🙂

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  2. I hope you have a wonderful New Year Mel, and that you eat plenty of cheese and drink plenty of wine!

    As far as the illustration goes, I imagine that one generates lots of body heat while pole dancing. So perhaps woolen socks and a sweater would’ve made the girl too warm?

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