Tacos at Night

Lazy Sunday and I wish I had a taco stand around the corner to get some spicy comfort food.

This is one of the many stands that popped up each night in Malinalco with Tacos, tamales and other things I don´t know the names of, for all the hungry people out there.

No tacos for me tonight. I am off raiding the fridge instead.

190119 taco stand malinalco_Melanie Franz

9 thoughts on “Tacos at Night

  1. -N-

    Mmmmm! Tacos! Long before Mexican food became so popular, my in-laws, as young college students on the east coast of the US, would send home requests for tortillas and masa harina and pintos – comfort food, for sure!

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  2. Love your water colour. I couldn’t go this winter as I usually do, so I will be channeling Mexico through you. This takes me to warm nights in towns and cities in Mexico, eating dinner on the Barrio

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