Hanging Out in Athens III

I am finally getting better at this One Leg Hox hang as it is called. But it still hurts quite a lot and also leaves nice bruises on the back of your knee.

But at least I am able to do it now more easily. Pratice makes perfect. Although I certainly don´t feel as light as a balloon floating in the air.

1900303 one leg hox hang_Melanie Franz

8 thoughts on “Hanging Out in Athens III

    1. 😀 Yes I do!! It is so much fun! That´s why I started drawing them too. Love hanging upside down it the air. I actually started with pole fitness in the beginning but then my wrists didn´t like it any more so I switched to aerial hoop and I enjoy it even more 🙂

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      1. My compliments. 🙂 That is the privilege of the young. I have some minor back problems, and some things I am careful of. Wouldn’t dream of doing that now. 🙂
        How is Athens? Still enjoying it?


        1. 😀 Ah I am so broken already in different parts, but that doesn´t stop me. I’ll try to keep it going as long as I can.
          Athens has been interesting so far. Not the city for me to live here long term but certainly great experience for a while. We already had warm beach weather, so I am definitely loving that part 🙂

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