On Top of Mount Lykavittos

Went to watch the sunset on top of Mount Lycabettus/ Lykavittos here in Athens the other week. Got a beautiful view over the whole city.

What caught my eye at the viewing point though was the white cat that was chilling at the jewelery seller stand without a care in the world.

190318 Lykavitos view point Athens_Melanie Franz


12 thoughts on “On Top of Mount Lykavittos

  1. beautiful outdoor scene… remember to add more urban sprawl like telephone poles and wires .. trash in the street, signs and cars parked,m stuff like that. make the viewer fell like they are looking right at a scene.

    its really good though, i just want to see something like what i described. i know you can do it! maybe a sketch?

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I have to disapoint you a bit. The wiring here is much more organized than in Central America. No “cable salads” hanging on walls and street poles. With the rest I can work with though 🙂 I have been just a bit slow as I have been doing other sketches in between. I will do a try to do a street scene soon!


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