#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 2

This was Day 2 of the #OneWeek100People2019 challenge.

We had more rain, so I am sticking to the same theme. I am trying to get a better idea of people´s posture while moving and also to be more lose in my style…  I am not counting the tiny shapes in the background. So I still have about 20 people to go today.

190410 OneWeek100people _Melanie Franz

9 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People2019 – Day 2

    1. Yes, actually I have/had. At first I thought I wont have the time but then forced myself to make it. After day 3 I really started to enjoy it.
      We can just start another challenge next week or month if you like 😉 I am up for more and need the motivation.

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        1. Sorry, catching up late with all the comments. Had to many visitors over the last weeks 🙂 I like the idea of setting up a challenge maybe in the summer when I am back in Iceland. I think I will not have time before that. Too much exploring to do 😛

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    1. Thank you. Love your mosaic photos. I actually took a lot of photos of tiled and crack pavement here in Athens as there are a lot of cool patterns. Your photos are much better though than my cell phone pics 🙂

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