One of the Many Cat Corners of Athens

I thought it was time to return to Athens again. My Greece sketchbook is still very much empty. Time to fill it up.

On one of my strolls around the centre of Athens I came across this cat meeting corner. Feral cats are pretty much everywhere but especially around the Acropolis. There are also plenty of people that feed them. So far I haven´t seen a skinny cat (or dog), rather the opposite.

1903 Cat corner Athens center_Melanie Franz

18 thoughts on “One of the Many Cat Corners of Athens

    1. It is weird. Felt like a 6 year old in the beginning, learning how to read again. I can decipher the alphabet now, which is nice. At least I can read the words, but I have no idea what they mean 😛

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      1. I can imagine how you felt. I can read most of the alphabet because of math symbols. And I can “understand” some words. Is there more influence of Latin in German, than Greek? Maybe. Meine Deutsch is nicht gut… 😉


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