Day 3 – Picnic Food #WorldWatercolorMonth

Do you like octopus? The boyfriend loves it and was in food heaven in Athens where you get it fried in many restaurants. During the day you can see them hanging outside, drying in the sun before they end up on your plate. Personally I am disgusted by the idea of eating octopus. But to each his own.

Prompt for day 3 of World Watercolor Month – Picnic food. Enjoy!

190703 Picnic Food_WorldWatercolorMonth_Melanie Franz

15 thoughts on “Day 3 – Picnic Food #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. brockbuildersteel

    umm… Oocter- pie, I am so allover it… Oh wait, or is it into me, Hay… hay! Who’s eating who here?

    Great image there. But never would I eat such complex bizarre intelligent creepy wonderful creatures. I have read nightmare situations of people eating creatures that were not well cleaned and cooked, and becoming hosts. I am Hope n’ right out of that frightening thought. but I do love the colors and design of your creative artwork, even if it does scare me.

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    1. lol. yes. 🙂 I somehow was inspired by a video that went viral of an Asian girl trying to eat a life octopus, who did not want to be eaten and covered her face with his tentacles. Why anyone would attempt this completely beyond me.
      In general I am not a fan of sea food. Too slimy and weird.


  2. brockbuildersteel

    Now that I think back upon it, I have eaten octopus, but I am nothing proud of it, I actually felt guilty for doing so. Mostly because they are such complex creatures and they are sentient.


    1. I actually tried once but found it so disgusting that I wanted to spit it out. I dont think they are pretty creatures but I also don´t think they need to be eaten.


  3. brockbuildersteel

    They do eat uncooked fresh water crabs and aquatic life. Eating Fresh water Asian Crabs is a high risk for also ingesting a very nasty parasite that grows into a very nasty worm that invades its host’s host. but do not look it up as it is very frightening. Mel there was also a woman that was served up a plate of fresh caught Octopus or was it a squid I forget. But because it was diced up and freshly caught, the woman that ate it afterwords had an invasion in her mouth. The diced creature released sperm and those wiggly guys attached and infested her gums and cheeks and she had to seek medical treatment to have them removed. Talk about a nightmare dinner. There is some crazy stuff out there in the world.


      1. brockbuildersteel

        Yes the Parasitic Worm is called Paragonimus Kellicotti – If you can get through the video its on youtube ‘Monsters are eating me’ but its tough to cope with in just viewing it. Paragonimus Kellicotti and other Food and water ingested Parasites is the very reason while I do not travel outside of the United States of America. but also do know that there are many nasty Parasites that made mammals / Humans as there hosts. There is medicine to take but that only works if you’re aware that you’ve become the host. Some of those people didn’t get it figured out and get to a doctor that figured it out, until their brains, lungs, and or bodies were seriously infested.

        Like Tapeworms which some people do infect themselves with as a crude means of loosing extreme weight. But they fail to realize or to be properly informed that tape worms migrate and infest the human brain.

        The videos of ‘Monsters Eating Me is extremely informative and educational. But like I state there is a very good reason that I do not travel outside of the U.S.A. I do eat Sushi not every day like I use to, but that too is a matter of knowing just what your eating and monitoring the amount to keep your heavy and or toxic metal down. There is a safe limit chart you can search out on line.

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        1. Wow, yeah… definitely important to know what we’re eating—before we eat it… especially raw fish! Thank you for all this info. I’m glad you’re knowledgeable and willing to make others more aware. As the squeamish one in any crowd, however, I’d never be able to stomach the video 😱💜 Jackie@KWH


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