Day 30 – Wild Things #WorldWatercolorMonth

Almost there, almost a month late! Too many things & lovely visitors happened in between to keep up the daily routine. Oh well…  It’s almost weekend again.

Not sure I´ll be partying like one of those wild things… The inspiration for this prompt was spring break… I witnessed it once last year in Mexico by accident, and hope I will never again!

190730 Wild Things_WorldWatercolorMonth_Melanie Franz

10 thoughts on “Day 30 – Wild Things #WorldWatercolorMonth

      1. -N-

        You are probably better off without it! It used to be called “Easter Break” but such things, along with “Christmas Break” are no longer acceptable. Interestingly, varying neighborhood school districts will have the special holidays of large religious groups on their calendars as children in those groups will be gone anyway – for instance, my nephew’s school district has Armenian holidays, the one where I taught had Jewish holidays, and where my sister-in-law teaches they have Chinese holidays off.


        1. First time I´m hearing this. That sounds to me like every other holiday is acceptable except for traditional Christian ones? Are those kids in school then ever if they have all those different holidays off?


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