Plight of the Pelican

I am currently doing a study of pelicans for an image making course I am taking. After months of absence from drawing I am getting into it again. That means you can expect more pelicans.

This pelican is hungry.

20_06 Pelican purple_Melanie Franz

8 thoughts on “Plight of the Pelican

  1. -N-

    Good to see you back! I always enjoy watching the Pelican Patrol coming in to roost for the night, long streams of birds flying up the coast. Counting them is such a challenge and so much fun.

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      1. -N-

        I need to draw or paint every day – I haven’t for about 2 weeks as other projects – enjoyable ones – were taking precedent. I know how you can miss. I decided it’s a daily “must” like brushing your teeth. And the Pelican Patrol is an amazing sight indeed!

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