11 thoughts on “Leave me Alone…

  1. Nice contrast. Been thinking of you: we’ve rented a house for the week in Malinalco. Hadn’t been there in ages. We decided to rent the house with the whole family. A welcome escape from 4 months of lockdown. 👍🏻 And we stayed inside the house. Though I went out today for a few photographs. Got a couple of good ones. Are your Malinalco sketches still “up”?

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      1. Toluca now? I don’t know the place much, it’s sort of “on the way” to other places. The impression I have is that it is often cloudy and rainy. Check with your friend.
        I’ll check your Malinalco sketches…


        1. Yep. I only changed buses in Toluca before. My friend got a position there at the art/cultural centre, that´s why he ended up there 🙂 I haven´t asked him about the weather yet. I can only think of tacos right now… 😀

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