Inktober Day 3 – Bulky

Went on my first multi-day hike this summer in the Icelandic highlands. 5 days, ca 75 km in total, with tent and food and all. The weather was perfect to say the least. We met almost no people along the way and the scenery was breathtaking.

My backpack was also rather bulky because of the survival sleeping bag I had with me, taking up a good amount of space. All in all the hike was amazing and I am up for another one next summer!

11 thoughts on “Inktober Day 3 – Bulky

    1. Gracias 🙂 In DF? I am fed up of living in the city and Reykjavik is practically a village compared to any other capital. But I feel like I am ready to move to a farm in the countryside where I can have my own chickens and horses 😀 … Thats at least on the wish list…

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        1. Ah thats true! I loved DF but in the long run the air pollution would also kill me…. I do like fresh air. And yep, used to be a horse girl back in the days. Ready to take it up again one day 🙂

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