Inktober Day 13 – Dune

Sand boarding! Never tried, but would like to. Although I imagine falling to be quite nasty. I rather have my head buried in the snow, as it happened countless times while snowboarding, than in the sand.

4 thoughts on “Inktober Day 13 – Dune

    1. I am not sure actually. I haven´t read the book yet beyond the first couple of pages. It is actually on my nightstand, in French! XD I am still in the process of improving my French vocabulary daily, and soon I will be able to tackle the book for sure!

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      1. You mean Le petit Prince? It’s a good one. Now, when you’re done you need to read Terre des hommes. It is about his life as a young pilot in the early 30’s, when the idea of the Petit Prince came out. Bon week end, mon amie.

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