I Hate Camping

Ok, maybe that´s a bit too harsh. Let´s put it that way. I don´t entirely dislike it but I am definitely a good weather camper. Or glamper!

Camping in the Icelandic highlands this summer in perfect conditions was the best that could have happened and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I do want good food, a cosy mattress and sunshine. Otherwise I will be miserable.

201028 Inktober_Storm_Rain_Melanie Franz

7 thoughts on “I Hate Camping

  1. Personally I’m more of a minimalistic camper: more stuff, even if it’s comfortable, is just more headache (I’ve even been known to forego a tent and just sleep under a tarp). However, bringing a nice bottle of red wine sounds like a great idea! I usually like to have a way to make good coffee too, such as packing an ibrik for Turkish coffee and some high-quality coffee beans.

    With that being said, the idea of glamping is an alluring one. I’d love to try it someday, as long as I don’t have to hike in all the stuff.

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    1. Well, I guess it always depends on the climate. 🙂 Yes, coffee is important! 😀 I forgot about that. Of course we had good coffee with us. The little luxuries are important.
      Next time I want to camp in Greece. Icelandic highlands are marvellous, but if the temperatures go bellow freezing already in beginning of September I kind of have enough 😛

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