Everyone Needs a Friend

My sisters stuffed animal – Dumbo the elephant, as she called him. She never spent a night without him for 30 years, since she got him at the age of 2-3. His actual colours are more faded now and he got new eyes at least once or twice since then. I felt like I needed to capture him at least once. He is still going strong though, despite everything he went through.

Anyone else had a little friend that accompanied you throughout the years?

3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Friend

  1. I quite like the idea of holding on to little somethings from childhood if they bear positive memories. I have not got such old “friends”, I cannot even remember having had any stuffed animals. Maybe already then I was rather minimalistic. 😉

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    1. I dont have any either. The only thing that follows me wherever I go is a postcard that I got from a friend more than a decade ago. Has become my lucky charm ever since. Otherwise I am also more of a minimalist.

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