One Week 100 People – Day 4

Had to play catch up as a was a bit behind schedule on day 3. Have to say that it still takes me way too long with drawing these.

3 thoughts on “One Week 100 People – Day 4

  1. Halloooo! I really love your work. The way you use watercolour to “express” movement. I saved some of your sketches to study. Last week I “crossed” a line: started painting my grandson. God, details can be sooo difficult. But sooo rewarding.
    How have you been? Safe in Iceland? I understand the island has been protected from the virus?
    (wasn’t there a story book/illustrated project in the works?)


    1. Hola! Thank you 🙂 I feel honored. I love to feel and see the progress I am making. And good to get feedback on it. 🙂 In general doing good, despite the ups and downs that life throws your way.
      And yes, the book is out! It was a long process but I learned a lot. And I am quite happy with the outcome! 😀

      Working on the next book already. Story written by an Icelandic friend, about a little fly going on adventure. I am not a writer. Still stuck with putting Mr Fox into a coherent story 😛
      Have been dreaming a lot about Mexico lately. In need of a beach and a mezcal 😛 Keep practicing your art 😉

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