Looking Good in Pink

Ready for work.

Lately pink has become my favourite colour. What is yours? My favourite dress is bright pink.

Also still studying people´s poses from different perspectives. Pinterest has become my new best friend as source of inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Looking Good in Pink

    1. You mean like in your art? 😉 🙂 Love your art and the mysterious fantasy style! ❤ But when it comes to clothes I think I am traumatized by Icelanders. Nothing wrong with a little black dress ( I do love mine every once in a while), but if everyone is wearing black at every occasion or party you start to feel feel depressed, at least me. 😛 Currently I am going against the stream with bright yellow. At least you will spot me at any event easily 😅

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      1. Aw thankyou! ~ I can definitely see that, but no I’m not really into the Scandinavian style 😆 (It’s cool but not really me); I’m more of a….uh….I guess Victorian and Medieval style mixed together? lol.🙈 I think most of my wardrobe is white or lighter shades. 🤔

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