Owl Orchestra Part II

Still exploring the idea of a musical owl a bit more. This time she is hitting the drums. Used a new nib to draw this and I am finally happy with my purchase. No scratched paper this time.

Are you playing an instrument? What instrument should the owl play tomorrow?

6 thoughts on “Owl Orchestra Part II

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  2. I love the idea of an owl drummer. (In memory of Charlie Watts).
    (I played the piano. Need to gt back to it to teach my grandson. Already teaching him “Sur le pont d’avignon…)
    Mr Fox, Oscar the Owl… you have characters for a story…
    (All well I hope?)

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    1. Oscar the owl. I like. Do you have a name idea for Mr Fox? Was it you who suggested Emil once? I am currently working on a book about Mr Fox and I am VERY happy the way it is going 😀 So much as a spoiler.
      I also play piano every once in a while just for fun. Self-taught. Merci beaucoup for the piano inspiration 😉 (see today’s post)

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        1. I like Francis. It’s in the smaller selection right now. 😉 Was thinking Francis Fox and Konstantin Mouse…. sth that makes him sound a bit smart. Brenda the Capybara…? I discovered a piano at the local library. Will head there later to play 🙂 Hope you are doing well. Cheers!

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