Inktober – Day 24 – Fairy

Still playing catch up with the inktober drawings. Was a bit stuck with the story and still not quite sure where it will go. Any inspiration is welcome. Have a great week everyone!

Welcome to day 24 of my Inktober story. Missed the beginning? Here is where it starts.

They start walking down the street. Everything is dark and they are not quite sure what direction to take.

Suddenly Sasha spots a tiny light at the end of an alley. Curious, they walk towards it.

“Who are you?” Grog asks.

“I am a fairy” the winged creature says.

“You don´t look like a fairy” Grog says.

“Oh well, nobody is perfect,” the fairy replies. “And who are you, if I may ask?”

Grog and Sasha introduce themselves.

“A bat with glasses and a one winged gargoyle! Seems like you are not perfect either” the fairy responds and smiles broadly.

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