I was asked again last year by one of the editors of the 14 Magazin, a magazine from Freiburg in southern Germany, if I like to do a couple of illustrations for two of his articles. Of course I said yes.

The magazine was published a few months ago but I only got my hands on a copy now.

First article is about the revival of vintage clothing and how it came back in style among 20+ somethings.

1711 14 Magazin_Faszination Vintage

1711 14 Magazin_Faszination Vintage 2

Second article which I quite enjoyed is about the pros and cons of watching TV vs online streaming. It argues that TV definitely has a surprise factor as you sometimes end up watching things that you would normally not watch. Also it provides a different viewing experience because you have to commit to a certain time if you want to watch something you are interested in.

Online streaming services are the opposite. Available any time and day, instant satisfaction is given. However, the tendency to binge watch is relatively high which might make us consume more than originally intended. Also the surprise factor is taken away as we usually choose what we want to see, therefore you might never get to watch that documentary about the Swiss rail way system that would have aired on your one TV channel at the time.

I also think that online streaming is more time consuming. Sometimes I can spend an hour going through the endless list of movies until I decide which one to watch. And I can definitely relate to the risk of addiction…  “Just one more episode of xyz and then I will go to sleep….. damn how come I have to get up in 4 hours already!?!?” But who hasn´t?

1711 14 Magzin_ Lineares Fernsehen

Watching TV vs online streaming

What I think I am doing ….. vs what I am actually doing.



Vintage clothes

I have been doing illustrations again for 14 Magazin which will be out at the end of this month in Freiburg / Germany.
The article deals about the revival of vintage clothing in contrast to the hunt of the ever latest fashion trends from all the discount clothing lines.

I did not feel like drawing patterns, so I experimented with a bit of collage style.Shopping for Vintage

New vanities

The last month I was doing illustration for another article for 14 Magazin. This one is inspired by an article about new vanities… whatever they might be.

Puppet I

14 Magazin

A friend of mine asked me if I would like to do illustrations for an article she was writing about wildlife in the city of Freiburg, Germany, for the local 14Magazin. Here are the results of that collaboration which I really enjoyed.