Theft Proof Car

Continuing with my Mexico travel sketch book…

Saw these two patiently waiting in front of a bar on a night out in Roma in Mexico City. What better car theft protection than that?

2009 CDMX_Dog car alarm_Melanie Franz

Another beetle from Malinalco, Mexico

So turns out my favourite things to draw while in Mexico are apparently beetles and dogs. Who would have thought.

This one was a real beauty in perfect condition, despite its rather odd egg shell colour.

1804 Malinalco beetle 2 by Mel Franz

beetle Malinalco

Beetles! Beetles everywhere in Malinalco!

More impressions from Malinalco, Mexico, where I am currently hanging out. I would call it the town of beetles. There is one in every street I pass. I don´t know why but they always make me smile.


Did you own a beetle? Do you want one? I certainly would like to have a red one if given the opportunity.

On the streets of Tulum, Mexico VII

I haven’t seen this many VW beetles since… I can´t remember. They got rather rare in Germany and if you see them, then you never see them in anything else than perfect condition. Here, they just are. I saw several of them and they are just lovely. What do you think about them?

I´m still trying to figure out where and how much white space to leave when colouring with these watercolours…

Observation: Lots of beetles around here.

1803 Tulum beetle