Beetles! Beetles everywhere in Malinalco!

More impressions from Malinalco, Mexico, where I am currently hanging out. I would call it the town of beetles. There is one in every street I pass. I don´t know why but they always make me smile.


Did you own a beetle? Do you want one? I certainly would like to have a red one if given the opportunity.

13 thoughts on “Beetles! Beetles everywhere in Malinalco!

  1. I did, actually. My very first car was a ’72 Beetle, orange., black vinyl seats. Thing had no heat, no defrost, no a/c, and barely had floorboards. But, I loved that car. Also, when I was growing up, my parents had a VW Bus. We drive that thing all over the country, camped out with it, shacked at the beach with it. I’d REALLY love to have that now. 😃

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    1. Sounds like my friends 2CV which she had when we were 18. Going around with a steady 80km per hour, feeling every single bump on the road and with at least 2 coats on because the heating was broken. But it never disappointed us.
      My grandparents had a red VW bus. It was the best… camping, skiing, napping, eating in it. 🙂 I would love to have one of those again.

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      1. Oh, me too! They’ve become scarce though. Last thing I need is another “project”, and I can’t afford a restored bus. Lots and lots of great memories in that thing though. We drove it until it died, well past my high school graduation. There’s one I see around our my way every now and then. Makes me want one again every time I see the guy. 😃

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  2. I bought a yellow 1973 Super Beetle in the ’80’s but unfortunately totalled it a couple of years later. I was devastated. I still miss it! My husband bought a tan 1969 Beetle right before we were married, but we had to sell it a few years later after having a child and expecting our second. I still miss that car, too!

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  3. Yes I have, an oldie from the `50s. Nothing like driving a beetle. I love the sound, the smell.. and basically everything about it. I have lots and lots of good memories and some fun stories from my adventures abroad and in my home country. I too smell like and old car after a days drive – its impossible to awoid – a mixture of gas, oil, and old interior – The beetle usually go on and on and on and never stops, but it its old so breakdowns can happen in the most suprising places. I have learned that the best way to handle breakdowns in the middel of the road or a roundabout is a big smile and a laughter.

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    1. Nice. I do like the “active driving” part where you actually feel like you are steering the vehicle.
      Your car breaking down in surprising places can happen with any car. Been there done that. And indeed, laughing was the best way to cope with it. 😀


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