Aerial hoop

I am completely hooked on aerial hoop. I just got back to it this summer after a year long break. Love to be upside down in the air again!

1711 vertical split hoop

Water colour & ink

5 thoughts on “Aerial hoop

    1. Gracias! Ah sometimes I do too 🙂 But definitely to be on the hoop I would say. I struggled several times trying to get into this pose. But as all things with practice it becomes easier and easier.

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  1. Liana

    Ahhhhh. Your ink and watercolor hoop dancer is beautiful!!!!! I adore the ink line textures you used. Made one similar myself recently with various ink and florescent paint but it doesn’t hold a candle to yours!

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    1. Thank you so much. I quite like yours as well! You should keep going with the hoop! It gets better. I think it is the best! Unfortunately I haven´t been able to train for the last couple of months as I f** up my wrists. I hope I’ll be back in the autumn though. Until then I think I’ll draw more hoop pictures 🙂

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