Tulum, Mexico

So I have been in Mexico for roughly 2 weeks now and  I am loving it. I have been here last in 2014 for ca 3 months travelling around the southern parts of the country. I also spent a good amount of time on the beach back then because I had never been to a Caribbean like beach before and it was simply incredible.

So I wanted to start my trip by getting my much needed vitamin D on the beach in Tulum, Quintana Roo, after spending yet another winter in Iceland. I went back to the same hostel my boyfriend and I stayed in 3 years ago because it is a 5 minute bike ride from the beach and it has this beautiful hangout area with a small pool, hammocks and lots of plants.

1803 Lobo inn, Tulum, Q Roo, Mexico by Mel

So here it was that I made my first attempt of sketching with the watercolours and pens I brought with me. I have to admit it partially felt like a struggle as it took me some time, but in pleasant 25 degrees with my morning coffee next to me it was also quite enjoyable.

1803 Lobo inn

11 thoughts on “Tulum, Mexico

        1. Actually I am in Malinalco, south of DF right now. I stayed for a couple of days in CDMX and then came here to stay at a friends place 🙂 For now I am enjoying the lazy life.

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