On the streets of Tulum, Mexico

What struck me most, the first time I visited Mexico, was the diversity of culture, landscapes, nature, people and especially the extreme poverty and wealth, and everything in between, that can be seen at every corner.

On the first windy and cloudy day since arrival, I seized the opportunity and went for a cycle around the town of Tulum. I don´t want this to become a travel blog but rather put down some random impressions that I got along the way. Like this girl who ran after her pug to catch him,  after he had escaped from the house.

1803 On the streets of Tulum

When you look up Tulum, you get all those beautiful beach photos, the ruins and the expensive beach resorts that will cost you 200$ plus per night.

What most people wont see are the slums in the middle of the forest, where people most likely live of 200$ per month, situated right between those fancy resorts and the town centre.

1803 Tulum town

I usually don´t take a lot of photos, but Tulum had a lot of beautiful street art, even in the poorer parts, that I tried to capture because of  the colours.

1803 Tulum street art

5 thoughts on “On the streets of Tulum, Mexico

    1. Yes indeed. That´s what I always do wherever I go. Avoid the tourist traps and go to the most local places I can find. 🙂 I worked in tourism for the last couple of years so that´s why I think I am really critical of the whole industry and see the negative sides at every corner …

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