On the beach in Tulum, Mexico II

I had to draw “bike girl”. That’s how I call her. She was part of a group of spring breakers.

I’m also trying to work on my style. What do you think?

1803 Tulum beach bike girl by Melanie Franz

4 thoughts on “On the beach in Tulum, Mexico II

  1. Anonymous

    not a proffesional here.. but i just wanted to say that i realy like the colours you work with and your drowings let me easly imagine the reality that you are trying to draw. Feels like i am there on the spot. Keep up the good work. F

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    1. I feel like I am actually quite slow. Sometimes I start and when I get interrupted, bored or too hot I take a picture and finish at home. I tried to sketch on the beach but then got so sweaty and annoyed of the sand that I stopped. Bike girl happened to show up next to me just when I had my phone out. So I actually took a snapshot of her which I later used. I was very much intrigued because of the tattoo 🙂

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