Cycle into the Weekend

Tried something else for today´s warm up sketch. Inspired by the photo of Elliot Erwitt, Provence, 1955.

Have a great weekend!

On the beach in Tulum, Mexico II

I had to draw “bike girl”. That’s how I call her. She was part of a group of spring breakers.

I’m also trying to work on my style. What do you think?

1803 Tulum beach bike girl by Melanie Franz

At the beach in Tulum, Mexico

This was my bike during the 2 weeks I stayed there. I usually parked it next to these palm trees while at the beach. It was rather rusty because of all the salt and sand but it served me well.

1803 Tulum bike


On the streets of Tulum, Mexico XIII

This is the last one from my bike tour around Tulum. These guys are selling tepache de piña, a fermented pineapple drink. Unfortunately I did not get to try it yet.

1803 Tulum Tricycle by Mel

Otherwise you can find a lot of really cool street art around Tulum.

And then there was this place who probably got rid of the guy who did the spelling… No, the name of the place is not Restaun. I checked.

1803 Restaurant Tulum


On the streets of Tulum, Mexico XI

What can I say, I took a lot of photos of dogs. This one just stood there for a while not sure what to do next. Then he started to wander off.

1803 Tulum dog 2 by Mel Franz